The website is up!

And has been for a few days…

The website was made to replace the main functions of this blog, from now on this blog will just be to document my progress and what I’m doing.

If you’re enquiring about my services or anything about myself then I think it’d be best to head over to the website for more information.

The link is:

It’s not fully complete but it is most of the way there

Thanks guyssss

What can/do I offer?


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If I work on a project I am able to offer many things apart from just compositional work. In many cases designers will overlook the importance of sound effects and/or foley which I am also available to do. Here’s a short summary of what to expect from me;

Composition – I will write songs to fit your video game, this includes menu music, in-game music, end game music and any other music needed throughout play.

Foley – Foley is basically those sound effects that are commonly heard all over the place, you wouldn’t really call them sound effects. Foley is a tree rustling in the wind or a foot walking through snow. I can provide foley for any video games that do require it.

Sound effects – Sound effects are usually the abnormal sounds that you wouldn’t hear in day to day life. A grenade explosion, an octopus crying for its father etc…These sounds will probably be synthesized unless you can give me an octopus…

Adaptive audio -  Adaptive audio is commonly handed off to someone else to deal with/finish off. Adaptive audio is the glass cannon that can make or break a game. Indie games typically don’t deal with it due to the nature of the game but you’ll find it all over the majority of AAA games. In essence, it means

‘If there is a radio to my left (in game), that radios music will come from the left speaker’

Adaptive audio focuses on realism and is something that will soon be available from myself.

That’s it!

If you have enquiries that don’t match these services, feel free to email me anyway as it’s likely that it’s doable.

Cheers d00dz

My portfolio

I’ve just uploaded my most recent portfolio.

This portfolio spans quite a large length of time so styles and production quality do tend to fluctuate in the mp3.

The portfolio itself can be found on the sidebar and is named ‘game audio portfolio’, bit of a no-brainer really…

What I’m working on


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As a budding composer for video games I’m working on a few unpaid projects. Once these are complete I’ll begin charging and gradually get where I want to be (I hope).

At the moment I’m working on 2 projects with another 2 in the pipeline and hope to have one of these done in the next week. A very simple puzzle game which will be on newgrounds as soon as I am done. We’re just ironing out the creases and then it will be live!

My blog!

so the time has come to finally create a blog so I can start to quickly generate interest and have a place where I can direct people to my portfolio, at the moment this blog is very much in the embryonic stages and you may see lots of ‘default’ content. I will customise this blog and edit/update it often.

The things to do right now are;

1. add my portfolio somewhere in a permanent position that does not get lost by new posts

2. add a ‘donate’ button. For any kind soul that really enjoys my music or just myself (yes I am that amazing) then they can donate to my cause here. Any money generated on this site will go entirely on audio, cables/microphones/acoustic treatment/software/upgrades etc…

3. Add a quick contact button to save you trying to trawl through posts just to find my email

4. Links to my facebook profile and other things

So that’s me busy for a week or two


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